Fresh Bread by Bridgeland Bread & Buns 100% organic

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New PRODUCTS. Taste the flavour in this amazing new baker's bread. Einhorn bread, Salt Crusted White, Butter Bread and 4pack of Hamburger Buns. 

Einkorn grain is brown in colour and smaller in size than most other wheat berries. Einkorn, know as the first of the founding four grains (Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt and Khorasan) is said to have first been domesticated in southeast Turkey up to 10,000 year ago. 

Einkorn is a diploid species of hulled wheat.

The low chromosome count of Einkorn my contribute to easier digestion for those with gluten intolerance with significant levels of beta carotenne, Vitamin.

These 700g loaves are fresh out out of the oven.