Milk - Organic Jersey Cow Milk by Rock Ridge Dairy


Enjoy organic Jersey cow milk in 1% 2l, 2% 2l. 3.25% 2l , 5% homogenized 2l,10% cream 1l and 35% whipping cream 1l from Rock Ridge Dairy. Check under the Goat Milk selection for goat milk, goat feta and chevre options. (price includes deposit and environment tax)

Jersey cows are traditionally the preferred family milk cow due to the more nutrient rich milk possessing higher fats and proteins in it in comparison to Holstein milk. The milk is great because it has A2 beta-caseins (found in sheep, goat, Jersey and Guernsey milk) as opposed to A1 which is found in most Holstein milk. A2 is better for you...especially those very sensitive to A1 beta-caseins.Fresh, organic, Jersey cow milk from right here in Alberta. Its fresh, creamy, and local!