Kick Start Club - Building Local Food Security


Fresh & Local Kick Start Club

Recently our collective experience with the pandemic underscores the need to support and expand our local food system. Fortunately, we were prepared with a community of local shoppers, a collective of willing producers, knowledgeable staff, and an on-line store that could support curbside pick ups and home delivery.

Planning for local food security is no longer an academic exercise; we are now looking for reliable sources of locally produced food which will provide a reliable and consistent source for food shopping; and creating significant and immediate economic benefits in our community.

At Fresh & Local we are looking ahead for growth opportunities to support building local food security. To take the next step, we need your help by joining the Fresh & Local Kick Start Club. 

Introducing 4 membership levels for you to join the Fresh & Local Kick Start Club.

A limited number of “Fresh & Local Kick Start Club” memberships are being offered. Four options are available to match your purchasing needs. No need to wait for a refund cheque.

Each level provides for unique and immediate savings on your food purchases, seasonal gift certificates and a special welcome bonus.


Weekly Shopping





Welcome Bonus


Golden Yolk




Flat of golden yolks


Thunder Chicken




1 free thunder chicken

$ 476

Red Apple




3lbs BC Ambrosia Apples