Milk - Goat Milk Products by Rock Ridge Dairy

Goat Milk 2l
Fresh goat's milk from right here in Alberta. We milk our goats right here on our farm and process it so it is ready to go to the store. Goat milk has A2 protiens, less lactose and more calcium that your regular cows milk and is great for dairy sensitive individuals. Its fresh, creamy, and local. Try some today!

Goat Feta 200g
Fresh Goat feta made from Locally Raised Goats milk! Made with nothing but fresh milk it will be the best feta you have ever had.

Fresh unripened Goat Cheese (Chevre) 150g
Smooth and creamy this soft unripened goat cheese is among the most popular types of goat cheese. Perfect for holiday entertaining, sweet or savory snacking and use in an variety of recipes. Eat on it`s own or combine with crackers and sliced meats for an amazing charcuterie board.