Fresh & Local 6 Meal Box - Beef & Chicken - 28 portions


This new Fresh & Local Isolation box contains beef & chicken for 28 portions of eating. Our focus is to create Fresh Boxes with sustainable and locally available ingredients so that we can provide reliable food for the long term.

This box is a complete week of 7 meals (30 portions) in 1 box. We deliver within the SW, SE, NW Calgary & Bragg Creek. 

The package includes the whole food items, spices, and meat items with the recipes for each dish. Food preparation is required, but you probably have the time if you are ordering this box :)

Menu includes

  • Grass Fed Beef Stir fry with black bean sauce (4 portions)
  • Curry Chicken with fresh chicken and Thai curry sauce (4 portions)
  • Romaine Salad with fresh feta, cherry tomatoes & dressing (4 portions)
  • Bean Soup with grass fed beef & garlic sausage (6 portions)
  • Bacon & Eggs (6 portions)
  • Gluten Free pasta & sauce plus oregano (4 portions)
  • Snack: Hardbite  chips plus Kruse's Butter cookies
  • 3lbs navel oranges
  • 3lbs Ambrosia apples

Groceries include:

  • 1lb Grass Fed beef stir fry
  • bottle black bean sauce
  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • 2 yellow onions
  • 4 pieces chicken thighs
  • bottle Thai curry sauce
  • 2 heads local Romaine lettuce
  • bag of grape tomatoes
  • container of local feta cheese
  • bottle Solstice Berry Farm Saskatoon Salad Dressing
  • Bean soup mix
  • 1lb Grass fed beef & garlic sausage
  • dozen Man's free range eggs
  • package Arrowwood bacon
  • package Kruse's butter cookies
  • gluten free pasta
  • organic pasta sauce
  • organic oregano spice
  • Hardbite chips
  • 3lbs navel oranges
  • 3lbs Ambrosia apples