Fresh & Local 3-Meal Box

$74.99 $115.00

 New for 2020 are our series of 3-meal boxes. Each box has the ingredients and essentials for 3 meals with 2 or more servings. Our initial box  costs only $6.37/serving. (12 servings) Made in Alberta.

Our first box combines bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch with fresh sausages with a romaine lettuce salad, then fresh chicken stir fry for dinner.

We even include snacks for watching a movie:) 

There will be enough food for a second or third breakfast and leftovers for lunch at work.

Breakfast - 12 XL Britestone eggs, and bacon (make in 6 minutes)

Lunch - Bauer farmers sausages with Romaine lettuce, Beary Berry vinagarette dressing topped with Old School Cheesery cheese curds. (make in 10 minutes)

Dinner - Large boneless skinless chicken breast seasoned with GrewVSpice, combined with baby carrots, Cauliflower, and broccoli. (make in 20  minutes)

Snack for a Movie: Bag of La Cocina corn chips and a container of our special tomato salsa.(instant eating)

Cooking instructions: Just in-case, we'll include the cooking instructions and spices to make your meal preparation easy.