Fresh Box - Grilling Steaks or Smokies with Dad

  • $49.99

Celebrating Dad can be fun. This package has breakfast and a BBQ option. Choose from either the Smokies or the Steak option. This special Fresh Box has pepperoni, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, smokies, tomatoes, and more.

1. 1 package Pepperoni from Bauer Meats

2. 1 package Bacon from AW Quality Meats

3. dozen large Eggs from Mans Eggs

4. 2lbs fresh beefsteak tomatoes from The Cucumber Man

5. S1 package mokies from Bauer Meats

6. Bag of grape tomatoes from The Cucumber Man

7. Head of butter lettuce from Fresh Flavor Farms

Upgrade the smokies to 2 grass fed sirloin steaks from #FlagHill Ranch for just $30.