Fresh Box - Grilling Steaks or Smokies


This package has breakfast and a BBQ option. Choose from either the Smokies or the Steak option. This special Fresh Box has pepperoni, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, smokies, tomatoes, and more.

1. 1 package Pepperoni from Bauer Meats

2. 1 package Bacon from AW Quality Meats

3. dozen large Eggs from Mans Eggs

4. 2lbs fresh beefsteak tomatoes from The Cucumber Man

5. 1 package smokies from Bauer Meats

6. Bag of grape tomatoes from The Cucumber Man

7. Head of butter lettuce from Fresh Flavor Farms

Upgrade the smokies to 2 grass fed sirloin steaks from #FlagHill Ranch for just $30.