Coffee - Calgary Heritage Roasters


Calgary Heritage Roasters. These boys are former forestry firefighters who learned to roast beans over the campfire with a cast iron pan. Enjoy one of eight single origin, organic roasts that all have a hint of chocolate.

  1. Columbian - Medium with Toffee Carmel Tangerine tasting notes
  2. Guatemalan - Medium with Milk Chocolate Nutty tasting notes
  3. Indonesian - Medium with Dark Chocolate tasting notes
  4. Decaf - Peruvian Swiss Water decaf with cocoa tasting notes
  5. Stampede Roast with Mexican and cinnamon
  6. Burnt Timber- Dark Smoke
  7. Salmon Run- Milk Chocolate, Nutty
  8. Grizzly - Dark chocolate
  9. Bison-milk chocolate, Toffee
  10. Rooted Grounds-caramel, smoke, chocolate
  11. Bear Bells- Caramel, chocolate