2019 Fresh & Local Farm Market at Kitchen Theatre

Introducing the NEW Fresh & Local Farm Market at Kitchen Theatre

The Fresh & Local Farm Market is a NEW opportunity for local producers and food artisans to profile their business in the BMO Centre adjacent to Kitchen Theatre at the 2019 Calgary Stampede, July 5-14.

As a local producer, you can market your locally grown and produced products directly to 70,000 people per day inside the Fresh & Local Farm Market at Kitchen Theatre inside Stampede Market in the BMO Centre by working with 30 producers to share the load.

Our objective is to create a critical mass of locally sourced products and producers worthy of promotion within the Stampede Market. The Fresh & Local Farm Market at Kitchen Theatre will be a showcase of local agricultural producers, small-batch food artisans and locally produced value-added products.

Producers will participate in three ways: one, scheduled meet the producer times; two, sampling stations; three, retail selling of their products through a central POS.

Over the 10-day period each producer would be present in the Farm Market at least three times, and have their products present throughout the 10-day Stampede. Producers would be available to engage Stampede goers without being encumbered by processing any sales. Sales processing will be done at a centralized sales station.

Three opportunities are available: StepUp, Front & Centre, Maximum Sampling.

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